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Environmentally friendly air conditioning solutions

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We are trusted source of air conditioning and heating maintenance repairs company

Artel specialist services include ways to project manage the maintenance of your built environment and safety equipment. We also advise clients on the best air conditioning solutions, and the best refrigeration equipment, including providing assured installation services.

Everything we do is aimed at creating safe, optimised work environments. While meeting relevant UK regulations and prolonging the life of your expensive climate and safety control systems.

This makes us an ideal local contractor for public sector buildings, offices, manufacturing (especially food industry) sites and buildings that house sensitive technology.

Our services

There are details of our additional specialist engineering services on this website. However, our core advantage is that we offer building owners and managers affordable and high-quality support for any premises that requires air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Particularly, expert help with air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance in London and throughout the Home Counties.


We provide and install a wide variety of premium air conditioning systems at Artel


Regular maintenance can increase the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioning system


We offer fast response and resolution for any air conditioning problems or malfunctions.

Air Source Heat Pumps

A variety of durable air source heat pumps are available from Artel to meet a wide range of customers’ needs

Energy Efficiency Reports

Artel can offer you with a competitive replacement for your current R22 refrigeration system

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Environmentally friendly air conditioning solutions for customers in London and Home Counties

All our specialist temperature and humidity management services are backed by several decades of engineering and technical experience. We have also built a strong reputation for keeping up to date with the latest trends and innovations in building climate control. As well as for our in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in sustainable air conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Our technicians have enhanced DBS certification and are F-gas qualified.
We are CHAS accredited and hold ISO:9001 certification.

Artel is an air conditioning and refrigeration contractor who can also help clients with a range of other vital maintenance tasks.

Fundamentally, the sort of engineering projects you need to outsource, to ensure that your climate and safety equipment is operating efficiently and effectively. Including providing help to assess and certify your fire safety products.

These vital contractor services for workplaces and public buildings have been developed to build on our existing engineering, electrical and plumbing skills.

We have years of in-depth knowledge of what it takes to create a safe and pleasant environment within workspaces, schools and other buildings.

Using all of this know-how and ability, we have developed a range of ways we can help building owners, facility managers and local authorities to keep building occupants safe and in a carefully controlled climate.

These specialist environmental and safety services in London and the Home Counties include:

• Maintaining and servicing sump pumps
• Commercial Boiler Services
• Maintenance of Trend systems
• Annual Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket Checks
• Fire equipment certification
• Fire Risk Assessments
• Annual Emergency Lighting Testing
• Installation of LED Lighting
• Electrical Works
• Annual PAT Testing,
• Water Treatment Services including Legionella risk assessments.

HCFCs, which are used as refrigerant gases in air conditioning equipment, are responsible for ozone depletion if they leak into the atmosphere

Artel can help you replace your existing R22 system at a competitive price and make sure you remain compliant