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Would you like to reduce your heating bills?

We know that reducing heating bills is of the utmost importance to your business this winter.


Did you know that air conditioning provides one of the most cost effective and energy efficient forms of heating?


We have been instrumental in helping many businesses save money on their heating bills in Essex and London by replacing old inefficient fossil fuel boilers. More and more of our customers are fitting heat pumps because they are considerably more economical to run than oil, direct electric, solid fuel and even gas fired systems.


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Be cool this summer in Essex and be warm in winter too!


Ventilation and heat recovery explained

Building insulation and sealed windows eliminate heat loses but they also prevent natural ventilation causing increased levels of carbon dioxide and humidity to build up providing an unhealthy internal environment.


Using a heat recovery system a ventilation unit will draw air in from outside to provide ventilation, transfer heat to it from warm polluted air that is being extracted from the premises, thus keeping the need to heat the incoming fresh air to a minimum.  


It does this, without mixing the outgoing polluted air with the incoming fresh air, and achieves up to 90% retention of heat from the air that is being extracted.

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